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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Establish Your Pest Control Routine

Have you ever felt like your home is ‘the destination’ for pests? You clean out the cobwebs and chase away the bugs only to find them back in a few days, bravely venturing out from under the ‘frig’ to visit. What is the best way to keep pests from booking a stay in your home? The best methods are to establish a simple routine of activities to prevent problems and regular inspections to find and treat them as needed. Here are some suggestions:


  • Food preparation areas must be kept clean. Always clean spills and crumbs immediately. Store food in closed containers. 
  • Remove all trash frequently, disposing of it from the property regularly. 
  • Avoid leaving food out for pets; maybe Fido won’t mind eating once a day. 
  • Fido may also need a flea and tick collar. 
  • Items brought in from the outside, such as firewood, toys and planters should be inspected for pests. 
  • Seal cracks and crevices; use weather stripping or tape to close gaps in windows and doors; plug openings around drains and pipes. 
  • Seek timely advice and regular treatment from a qualified exterminator. 


  • Seal cracks and openings in exterior walls, especially those where pipes and utility lines enter.
  • Inspect the exterior and foundation for damaged or rotten wood; make sure there are no areas where moisture gathers and repair damage immediately. A little time and expense now can prevent hundreds to thousands of dollars in repairs later. 
  • Keep tree limbs and shrubs trimmed away from exterior walls and rooflines. Remove leaves and debris from gutters, decks and foundation walls. 
  • It is tempting to feed birds, squirrels and deer, but the seeds and suet attract other destructive animals. It is best to place feeders as far away from the house as possible if you choose to feed them. 
  • Keep firewood and or other stored materials away from the sides and foundation of the house. 

Real Property Management provides professional property management services that include routine inspections to make certain managed properties are being properly cared for and problems are discovered and repaired quickly. Let us help you today!

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